Quirina de Grande Vinko

D.O.B. - July 4th, 2009 † May 24th, 2019

A hothead with an almost unruly temperament. At the same time she's a working dog, as you want it. An incredibly quick mind and a will to work, so I have yet encountered in any of my dogs. In short, just a wonderful girl!
Unfortunately Quirina left us at the age of nearly 10 years. The cancer won the battle. We will miss you and always keep you in our hearts.


health tests

HD-1, vWD-clear, Dilute-free, PHTVL/PHTV-Cataract-PRA-free, Cardio free,
24 h Holter EKG (April 2014) - no signs for DCM
24 h Holter EKG (June 2016) - no signs for DCM, 0 VES



July 3rd, 2011 ZTP V1a in Melle (judge: Armin Hoppe)
April 2012 - IPO 1 (judge: Ingolf Zygmanoski)



German Champion DV
German Champion VDH
German Junior Champion VDH

youth class:
IDC 2010 - Vg (60 competitors)
CACIB Berlin 2010 - Vg3 (judge: judge Machetanz - DE)
CAC Itzehoe 2010 - Vg1, Jugendsiegerin (judge: Armin Hoppe - DE)
CACIB Hannover 2010 - Vg1, Jugendsiegerin (judge: Stefan Sinko - SLO)
CACIB Kassel 2010 - Vg1, Jugendsiegerin (judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel - DE)
intermediate class:
CACIB München 2011 - Exc1, CAC, res-CACIB (judge: Thomas Becht - DE)
FCI-Jahrhundertsiegerschau 2011 - Exc2 (judge: Hans Wiblishauser - DE)
CACIB Neumünster 2011 - Exc1, res-CAC (judge: Martin Gschwindl - A)
CAC Altona 2011 - Exc1 (judge: Rudi Killmeier- DE)
open class:
CAC Stadland 2011 - Exc1, CAC (judge: Martin Gschwindl - A)
IDC 2011 Ungarn - Exc
Bundessiegerschau Dortmund 2011 - Exc2 (judge: Thomas Becht - DE)
CACIB Lingen 2012 - Exc1, res-CAC (judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel - DE)
CAC Gütersloh 2012 - Exc2 (judge: Detlef Köhler - DE)
CACIB Neumünster 2012 - Exc1, CAC, CACIB (judge: Hans Wiblishauser - DE)
champion class:
CAC Altona 2013 - Exc1 (judge: Merete Dalgaard - DK)
CAC Stadland 2013 - Exc1, CAC (judge: Hans Wiblishauser - DE)
CAC Stadland 2014 - Exc1, CAC (judge: Norbert Daube - DE)
working class:
CAC Altona 2015 - Exc2 (judge: Mario Mayerhofer - A)



H-litter "vom Elbauetal"
I-litter "vom Elbauetal"

J-litter "vom Elbauetal"

L-litter "vom Elbauetal"